Developers prep for iPhone 5's screen, iOS 6 launch

By Lex Friedman, Macworld |  Software, Apple, ios 6

That's reminiscent of the way the iPad can run iPhone apps--nestled inside the screen, but not filling it completely. Of that approach, Barnard said, "I bet it will feel good enough to be usable, but bad enough that users will notice, which will in turn encourage developers to update their apps." He added: "I doubt it will feel anywhere near as bad as iPhone apps on the iPad"--a sentiment echoed by several developers we spoke to.

Pierce added that Apple's approach--centering unoptimized apps on the iPhone 5's screen--"is hard to evaluate without holding the device. I think it's likely it will feel somewhat awkward, but is also likely the best solution." Apple could have perhaps position such apps directly against the bottom edge of the screen instead, but that would have made the unused space even larger and more prominent.

Somewhere beyond the screen

There are other, less technical advantages for developers courtesy of the new iPhone 5, too. Explains Toca Boca's Ovemar: "The biggest advantage for us as kids developers is probably that a lot of iPhone 3G and 3GS [models] will be upgraded to iPhone 4 and 4S [models] in the hands of kids, because their parents get the latest device and pass the older downwards." And since those older phones offer more RAM and better framerates, developing for those old, but less old, devices gets considerably simpler.

Adds Barnard: "Many used devices will be sold and passed down. So, I'm about to see a huge influx of potential customers, which is never a bad thing."

iOS 6 of one

As for iOS 6, there's lots to love for developers in Apple's forthcoming update.

"For my app Drafts, I try to make use of whatever options are available to easily output text to other services," Pierce said. "The new sharing features, and the ability to programmatically create reminders in the Reminder app, are features I have already incorporated [for the iOS 6 version of the app], and am excited to get out to my users."

"The improvement I'm most excited about in iOS 6 is not an API, but Apple's [Over The Air] OTA updates," Barnard said. "If Apple is able to push iOS 6 OTA to all existing iOS 5 users, that's going to be a big deal for the ecosystem. Last fall, iOS 5 adoption was off the charts, [so] I expect iOS adoption to be absolutely shocking." That means App Cubby will quickly be able to target just iOS 6 for software updates, taking advantage of all its under-the-hood improvements. Barnard's favorite of those? "iOS 6 ... almost makes localization a no-brainer."

Ovemar agrees regarding the benefits of what he expects will be iOS 6's quick adoption rate: "It feels even more okay to let go of iOS4," which can't do as much as powerfully as the later versions of the operating system.

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