Developers prep for iPhone 5's screen, iOS 6 launch

By Lex Friedman, Macworld |  Software, Apple, ios 6

For his part, Haddad is most excited about "the new auto layout stuff that's coming over from Mac OS X," which he says "is really promising." Tapbots spends "a lot of time laying out each screen, and hopefully this will help dealing with future screen changes [and make] things like device rotations behave a bit better."

Hopeful optimism

One might expect to hear more complaints from developers about the need to update their apps again and the challenges of letterboxing. But it turns out developers are far more resilient than you might give them credit for--and with good reason. Each explained the significant benefits involved in keeping current with the latest iOS advances, software and hardware alike.

"After the iPhone 4 shipped, apps that weren't Retina were very quickly ostracized and likely lost revenue," said Barnard. "I think we'll see a similar pattern here."

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