Groovy: The roadmap for the popular JVM language

Project lead Guillaume Laforge explains what's in store for Groovy, and Grails lead Graeme Roche outlines that related framework's future

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Laforge: Groovy 3.0 will be released in probably about a year. We are going to rework the dynamic core of Groovy to completely review and rework the APIs, which are used for all the dynamic aspects of the language to further benefit from the invokedynamic support and to bring Groovy forward in the next phase. Also, we are bootstrapping Groovy by writing more of Groovy in Groovy.

InfoWorld: I was looking at a news article from about 2008 that raised the notion of Groovy overtaking Java on the Java Virtual Machine. Do you see that ever happening?

Laforge: Java will stay the dominant language on the JVM platform. That's my view, at least.

InfoWorld: What's the future for Grails?

Rocher: We are working on the 2.x chain of releases for Grails. At the end of last year, we released Grails 2, which is a pretty significant release, incorporating a new systems API. A couple months ago, we released 2.1, which adds integration with the Maven build tool. And then we're about to put out the release candidate for 2.2, in which you can embed different Grails applications within another application.

We're looking at Grails 3 into next year, which we're planning on moving to Gradle as the build system and implementing more advanced support for Web services to better support the creation of single-page Web applications

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