OpenStack releases Folsom with heavy dose of virtual networking

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Cloud Computing, OpenStack, Software-Defined Networking

The sixth and latest version of OpenStack software, code named Folsom is generally available today with new support for next-generation software-defined networking (SDN) baked in as a core component.

OpenStack backers say Folsom continues to improve the usability and stability of the existing code and includes 185 new features to the project, most notably in virtual networking. It also comes off the heels of OpenStack backer Rackspace ceding control of the project to a newly formed OpenStack Foundation, meaning the project is now controlled by a 24-member board of directors.

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The networking focus in Folsom is codified in the advancement of Quantum, which is the name of the virtual networking project within OpenStack, from an incubator project in the last Essex release to now a full-fledged core project in Folsom. Led by a developer at Nicira - which was recently acquired by VMware - Quantum supports a series of virtual network plugins, including Open vSwitch, the Ryu open source networking OS, as well commercial plugins from vendors such as Cisco and Nicira. That means OpenStack-powered clouds based on Folsom can take advantage of SDN-like virtual networking qualities.

In an interview with Network World, Vice Chairman of the OpenStack Foundation Lew Tucker, who is also Cisco's vice president and CTO of cloud computing, said Quantum and virtual networking was the missing link in the OpenStack code after the compute and storage portions have been built up during the past two and a half years since the project launched.

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