What comes next as Facebook and Twitter slowly die?

By Mark Gibbs, Network World |  Software, Facebook, Social Networking

We are operating a sustainable, predictable business. App.net will always have a clear business model. We know that depending on services that could go away or desperately squeeze users for more and more money is a toxic cycle.

All I can say is "Amen!" ... and apparently many others have as well because the attention App.net is now getting is huge.

Moreover, the list of third-party developers who have already built "stuff" on top of App.net is impressive and includes Web applications, Web services, libraries, command line tools, browser extensions, and applications running natively on iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

When the value the current major players offers to users fades away, as it will, eclipsed as it will be by an ever-growing constellation of increasingly intrusive advertising, it will be the rich ecosystem that's grown up around the level playing field of App.net that will offer the kind of social connectivity in a context that people really want and need.

Gibbs is enthused in Ventura, Calif. Express your excitement to backspin@gibbs.com and follow him on Twitter and App.net (@quistuipater), on Facebook (quistuipater).

Particular thanks to both Marc Poirier and Dalton Caldwell for their time and comments.

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