Google upgrades Search Appliance for enterprises

Google adds translation, improves navigation in attempt to make internal search easier

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An IDC study in 2009 found that the time spent searching for information that year alone averaged 8.8 hours per week per employee, adding up to a cost of $14,209 per worker per year.

"There's a generation of workers who are starting to leave the workforce, and they've created years or decades of information and that information could be very valuable if people knew about it," said Schubmehl. "Let's say I'm working in a pharmaceutical company doing drug research and I know there are seven groups doing research around the world. Who are these other researchers and are they doing the same work I am? It can be hard to get even that information."

He added that Google Search Appliance 7.0 still has challenges. For instance, Schubmehl noted that each kind of repository has a different access method so administrators have to create a custom program or control to read the data from each particular system.

However, the new appliance also has benefits, such as better navigation and more filters for different types of files.

"You might have information siloed in 15 or more different systems," said Schubmehl. "Being able to put all of that into one search index and letting people use that information and pull it up at need would be a tremendous improvement. The Google Search Appliance moves us further down the road of being able to do that kind of stuff."

took the wraps off its Google Search Appliance 7.0 today. It will be available on Oct. 16.

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