Office 2013 heads to manufacturers: Preview of the Windows 8 RT tablet version available Oct. 26

Microsoft announced that development of Office 2013 is finished meaning the company will now focus on distributing it

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Software, Microsoft, Microsoft Office

One unanswered question is whether Microsoft plans to bring Office 2013 to Android and iOS devices. Earlier this week, it seemed like Office would land on the two mobile operating systems when a Microsoft official in the Czech Republic reportedly said that Office on Android and iOS would debut during the first quarter of 2013. Microsoft quickly released a statement saying the claims of Office on Android and iOS were not accurate. Nevertheless, rumors keep popping up that Microsoft is planning mobile versions of Office for non-Windows systems. Windows watcher Paul Thurrotton Thursday claimed the Android and iOS versions are set for release in April, the beginning of the year's second quarter, and will be available via Office subscription plans.

Microsoft in July released a preview version of Office 2013 that you can

download from


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