Use Windows 8 gestures without touchscreen or trackpad

How to access gestures in Windows 8 without trackpad or touchscreen

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Here's how you can use Windows 8 gestures without a trackpad or touchscreen.

Start: Mouse to the bottom left corner, left click the tile.

Power User Navigation: If you right click the bottom left popup instead of left clicking it, you'll get options for a host of commands, like opening Task Manager or Control Panel, or individual settings like Power Options or Device Manager.

Multitask Quick Swap: Mouse to the top left corner and left click it (You can also right click to close or snap left or right)

Multitask Bar: Mouse to the top left corner, then slide your cursor down the left side of the screen. (Right click closes or snaps left or right here as well)

Charms: Mouse to the top or bottom right corner.

Close Live App: Click the top-center of the app and drag it to the bottom of the screen.

Live App Menu: Right click anywhere in the Live app

Aero Peek: Aero Peek is still here! Mouse to the bottom right corner and leave the cursor there

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