Free game Friday: Frog Fractions creator talks about making surprising games

Weird flash games and the people who make them, that's what we're talking about this week.

By David Daw, PC World |  Software, free games, video games

There have been a lot of great adventure games lately expanding how visually interesting these sorts of games can be. Atticus and Boy Electric is another example of a choose-your-own-adventure game that isn't content to just be walls of interactive text. While the game's art style might turn off some players, it gives the world a fairy-tale feeling that really sells the story at some points.

Flippin Dead

Flippin Dead isn't exactly remaking the world of video games but it's some high-quality halloween-themed distractionware. You're on the run from an ever-increasing horde of zombies and looking to grab supply packs that pop up on occasion. Be on the lookout for the special rainbow supplies that flip the script and make you the zombie able to chase down, consume and clear out some of your zombie foes.

The Visit

The Visit seems like a regular platformer but the moment you hop onto one of your crabby foes the game reveals itself to be very different from most games you've played. It also reveals itself to be the second game this week with a courtroom section. You're trying to make your way to your girlfriend's place but every jump and decision you make has the capacity to affect your life way more than it does in your typical platformer.


I'm not going to lie, Organicraft gets difficult quickly. But it also becomes a fascinating lesson in logical operations. While the game is currently just a simple (and short) proof of concept, there's something here in the satisfaction of having figured out the right steps to solve the current level that could be expanded into a much larger game.

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