Hottest Android news & rumors (in brief!) for the week of Thanksgiving

By Jon Gold, Network World |  Consumerization of IT, Android, android phones

(Author's note: Since I'll be way too full of turkey and stuffing and all the rest of it to fill you in on the latest Android news on Thursday, here's a brief update on what's happening early in the week. Enjoy!)

Big screen? No big deal for Samsung, apparently -- last week's murmurs that the South Korean giant was maybe sort of going to think about a full HD screen on what may or may not be the Galaxy S 4 crescendoed into a remarkably unified chorus over the weekend, thanks to a Friday article from the Asia Economy Daily.

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The idea that Samsung is getting ready to release a 1080p Galaxy S 4 at CES in January makes a lot of sense -- I doubt they're happy about HTC having the only high-profile full HD Android phone on the U.S. market right now (in the form of the Droid DNA), so they'll be eager to get it out the door as quickly as possible. The interesting part will be to see how HTC responds.


Android Police has officially dubbed the problems many users have reported with Android 4.2 a "-gate," which is how you know it's serious business. Still, given the severity of some of the bugs -- including serious system instability, broken Bluetooth and battery life issues -- it's tough to argue that Google doesn't have some explaining to do.

What's more, the article doesn't even mention the weirdest glitch of them all -- the month of December, apparently, has gone completely missing, as far as the People app is concerned. Bad news for fans of the holiday season and temporal continuity alike, it seems. (The Post story notes that it'll still keep appointments for you and everything, though.)


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