Xbox Mini may be in works

With the next generation of its Xbox gaming console, Microsoft may be thinking small and trying to muscle into the set-top box TV business.

By John P. Mello Jr., PC World |  Personal Tech, Microsoft, Xbox

While Microsoft hasn't released any details about the next Xbox, documents leaked on the Internet have started Xbox enthusiasts drooling. They include:

" Four hardware cores, 8GB RAM standard, four USB ports and a removable hard drive.

" Support for "Kinect 2.0," which is expected to support subtle finger movements and track up to four players in a single room.

" Augmented reality glasses.

" 3D sound for projecting sound to specific parts of a room.

" Support for Blu-ray video.

" A new controller with a touchscreen or programmable buttons.

" An "always on" feature for instant access to the box's functions.

In addition, Microsoft may launch its own cloud gaming service that would support streaming of games across platforms -- computers, phones and tablets.

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