BBEdit 10.5 adds Retina display support, navigation improvements, and more

By Lex Friedman, Macworld |  Software, BBEdit, text editors

Siegel described BBEdit 10.5's new website options as "refining a 'second-banana feature'" from earlier versions of the app. You can now configure a website as a project with Site Settings. You set the local and remote locations for files, default settings for links and images, and can optionally configure deployment options as well. "We didn't want to try to accommodate all of the different workflows" for website deployment, Siegel said, but the common options of FTP and SFTP get full support. Users can configure choices like running through syntax or link checkers automatically prior to deployment, with an added option for canceling a deployment when such issues are discovered.

BBEdit's Preview feature scores an overhaul as well. You can now customize preview filters that process a document's contents before generating the live preview. Such filters can include Unix scripts and executables, along with AppleScripts. The Preview updates make it possible to generate live previews of documents using MultiMarkdown, for example.

Lion and Mountain Lion users will also get new support for OS X's built in file versioning--though Bare Bones implemented its support for the feature in an approach that eschews Apple's native options. Every time you save your document, BBEdit creates a Versions checkpoint; you can navigate past versions of your file within BBEdit, and even call up side-by-side diffs between revisions. (Look under the Search menu for Compare Against Previous Versions.) "It's not meant to replace true source control," Siegel said, but rather exists as an extra option for some users.

"This really is a major upgrade," Siegel concluded, "just one that we're happening to not charge for."

Full, copiously detailed release notes are available at the Bare Bones website.

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