Xerox, PeopleSoft service provider in software project dustup

The companies are at an impasse over millions in fees associated with a PeopleSoft upgrade

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In an October court filing related to the Oracle case, CedarCrestone denied any wrongdoing and also said it had been planning to phase out its tax and regulatory service for PeopleSoft six months before Oracle filed suit.

CedarCrestone's filing lodged a number of counterclaims against Oracle, including for unfair business practices. The revocation of its partner certification resulted in CedarCrestone losing a number of contracts, including one worth $17 million, according to the filing. Neither contract involved tax and regulatory support, it added.

Vendors such as Oracle are keen to protect support revenues, which provide high profit margins. Third-party providers maintain they offer a legal service to software customers who are on older releases that they do not want to upgrade, a process that would require staying on vendor support.

Oracle has also sued Rimini Street, which offers third-party support for Oracle and SAP software. Rimini Street has also denied any wrongdoing.

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