Apple after Jobs ... a whiff of 'slapdashery'

By Mark Gibbs, Network World |  IT Management, Apple

OK, let's play a video ... and iTunes responded: "This movie requires QuickTime, which is not supported by this version of iTunes."

Am I missing something here?! Apple owns both products but one doesn't support the other?! Way to go, Apple.

What's clear is that Jobs must be spinning in his grave. The sheer negligence of not coordinating the release of QuickTime with that of iTunes is mind-boggling!

So, can Apple get back to basics? Can it return to being a brutal, "nothing but perfection" kind of organization?

I doubt it. I think it will hold its own pretty well for a few years and then, as is the fate of all hugely successful organizations, it will slowly but surely collapse, like a flan in a cupboard, under its own corporate weight. It will make great products for a while to come and we'll be happy to pay premium prices for them, but it will be negligence that eats away at Apple's supremacy.

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