VMware makes a play for developers with Pivotal Initiative

Pivotal Initiative lumps multiple app dev, big data, and cloud efforts under a single umbrella

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By grouping several big data, software development, and cloud efforts under a single operation, VMware and parent company EMC have developers and devops in mind, analysts say.

The vendors' Pivotal Initiative, announced Dec. 4, is about refactoring EMC for the cloud era and serving both application development and operations management, says RedMonk analyst James Governor: "For all the talk of devops today, traditional categories remain in place. VMware virtualization is an enterprise ops tool of choice, but for many other products in the EMC portfolio, the developer is the target -- the guy with influence but little or no budget. That is, Pivotal makes sense at first glance."

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Pivotal places under one umbrella employees and resources from EMC's Greenplum and Pivotal Labs organizations along with VMware's vFabric, Cloud Foundry, and Cetas groups. Greenplum has focused on big data analytics; Pivotal Labs has been centered on agile software development services and tools. VFabric focuses on enterprise Java development and includes SpringSource's Spring Java framework and Gemfire data management technologies. Cloud Foundry is a platform-as-a-service cloud effort, while Ceta has offered big data analytics. Leading Pivotal will be Paul Maritz, chief strategy officer at EMC.

"It looks that EMC has finally admitted it needs a better approach for courting developers and is doing something significant to fix this," says analyst James Staten, of Forrester Research, in a blog post. "No longer will key assets like Greenplum, Pivotal, or Spring flounder in a corporate culture dominated by infrastructure thinking and selling."

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