Dropbox buys Audiogalaxy. Is a cloud music service on the way?

Audiogalaxy promised to bring great new experiences to the 100 million plus users of Dropbox

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Storage, cloud storage, dropbox

Audiogalaxy said it will no longer accept new sign-ups and current subscribers will have access to their mixes (playlists) until December 31. It's not clear if the service will cease at that point or if it will continue with limited offerings into 2013.

Similar to Napster and Kazaa, Audiogalaxy in the late 1990s to early 2000s was one of several peer-to-peer sharing services that let users swap copyright music online. After reaching an out-of-court settlement with the music industry, Audiogalaxy in 2002 agreed to filter copyrighted music from its now defunct peer-to-peer sharing service.

Dropbox isn't the only online file storage service considering a move into online music playing. There is some speculation that Microsoft's SkyDrive may also offer an online music player similar to Amazon Cloud Player in the near future.

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