Developers say yes to iOS, but ambivalent about Apple

Survey reveals developers' negative opinion of Apple, but huge interest in building for iOS devices; Android also gets top marks

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Software developers maintain a high level of interest in Apple's mobile devices, but they are finding the company itself is not getting any easier to deal with, according to a survey conducted by mobile tools provider Appcelerator.

In the company's quarterly survey, which involved 2,837 Appcelerator Titanium developers last month, Appcelerator found that developer interest around iOS and Google Android is relatively unchanged since the last quarter. All told, 89% of developers were very interested in building for Apple's iPhone and 86% were very interested in iPad; this compares to 85% interest in the iPhone and 88% interest in the iPad in the last quarterly survey. For Android, 77% of developers were very interested in building for Android smartphones and 64% were interested in Android tablets, compared to interest levels of 76% for Android smartphones and 66% for Android tablets last quarter.

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But 90% of respondents said Apple had made life more difficult for developers or has remained the same in the past three years when it comes to issues of app store submission, fragmentation, and monetization, said Lyla McInerney, Appcelerator's vice president of marketing. This fragmentation has resulted from Apple now offering many devices with different screen sizes in its iPad, iPhone, and iPad Mini lines, including Retina display models. Developers have to make modifications to accommodate the different sizes and the higher-resolution images needed on Retina displays, said McInerney.

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