Interview: Veteran PC game designer Chris Roberts talks Star Citizen

Roberts talks about his return to game development and explains why he sees the PC as the future of gaming in this exclusive interview.

By John Gaudiosi, PC World |  Software, video games

The next generation of consoles are PCs. Whether or not ones announced the specs out there, what Microsoft and Sony are trying to do is trying to figure out how to cut down a gaming PC and sell it for $400 or $500. If you want to be on the bleeding edge of gaming, its the PC platform. The PC platform is always evolving and always changing, which is why I like it. Every year there's going to be a newer, better GPU out, or some other hardware or things like the Oculus Rift that will give you a different experience that I think you can really push forward and try new things in gaming. That's where I'd rather be. I'd rather be in an ever-evolving platform than a stagnant platform.

What excites you about returning to the games industry?

The thing that's exciting is I mean what I'm doing right now. Its this whole idea of crowd funding, getting your community together very early in the process, having them be part of what you're doing, having them see what you're doing, and getting their feedback from what you're doing on a connected basis. I could never do that before when I was making my games because Id work on a game for two or three years and then people would get to see and play it. And then it would all start again. With this, I'm much more connected to the people that really love this style of game and want to play it and we're having a constant dialog. I find that really great and exciting.

How have advances in technology opened up things for you more creatively?

There's much less of a case of it cant be done. Certainly from a visual standpoint, you can do a lot of stuff that I always wanted to do with a movie level quality. The other aspects are just simple things like the Web and everyone having broadband.

It means that you can connect one at a high fidelity with lots of players in one area. Its not about two or four players but a lot more than that. All those things are combined to make these environments that could be a great sandbox, a great holodeck, if you will.

What role will storytelling play in Star Citizen?

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