Nine great games for your new iPhone or iPad

By Nathan Meunier, Macworld |  Software, iPad games, iphone games

With the chaos of the holidays slowly subsiding into the background, you've finally got a few moments to catch your breath and unwind a bit before getting back to the grind of your normal routine. We can't think of a better time to kick up your feet, crack open the packaging on that fresh new iOS device you were luck enough to receive from a thoughtful friend or relation, and load that baby up with some heavy-duty games.

But which games? There are quite a few them, as just a glance at Apple's overstocked App Store will tell you. Don't worry, though--we're here to make your life easier. If you're the proud new owner of the latest iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch models, we've found nine games that take advantage of the innovations Apple has built into its iOS offerings. From artsy indies and frenetic arcade action to role-playing game geekery and brain teasing fun, these apps are must-have additions to your mobile device. (Note that the listed prices reflect the regular cost of downloading these apps, and that prices may go up and down depending on holiday sales.)


A geeky college student's trek to catalogue magical flowers turns into a hilarious and utterly charming quest to liberate the island's mechanical inhabitants from their oppressive spirit overlords in this bizarre, beautifully designed adventure from BitMonster. Defeating mask-adorned foes by chasing them down and ripping flowers off their back is as oddly compelling a pursuit as the game's pleasantly peculiar character interactions.

Lili: $2, compatible with iPhone 4 and later, fourth-generation iPod touch and later, and iPad 2 and later

Eufloria HD

Micro meets macro in an abstract real-time strategy game from Omni Systems that blends a minimalistic, zen-inducing art style with world conquering battles. Exploring galaxies and populating planets to grow your seedling species is a calm affair at first, but as conflicts arise and battles between planetary bodies ensues, your intergalactic adversaries amply prove they're no pushovers. Let the colonization wars begin!

Eufloria HD: $5, compatible with iPhone 3GS and later, third-generation iPod touch and later, and iPad

Super Hexagon

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