10 third-party alternatives for 'missing' Windows 8 apps

We've sifted through the Windows Store to identify the best Band-aids for the most painful Windows Store no-shows.

By Chris Hoffman, PCWorld |  Software, slideshow, windows 8

Movie Guide

Movie Guide takes the place of IMDB, which is M.I.A. on Windows 8. The app lets you browse movies and watch trailers, dividing its selection between in-theater movies, older classics, and upcoming flicks.

While Movie Guide appears to be fairly light on content when you first launch it, it actually has a very comprehensive database of 69,000 titles and tons of actors and actresses. I like to use the database for movie discovery: Find your favorite movie with the Search charm to browse a list of similar movies, or tap the movie's director to view a list of other flicks they’ve directed. Once you’ve found a movie you want to watch, you can add it to your watchlist so you’ll remember it later.

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