10 third-party alternatives for 'missing' Windows 8 apps

We've sifted through the Windows Store to identify the best Band-aids for the most painful Windows Store no-shows.

By Chris Hoffman, PCWorld |  Software, slideshow, windows 8

G Maps

Bing Maps is decent, but lacks drill-down features like the handy-dandy public transit directions found in Google Maps. Don't think that's a big deal? Witness the uproar over Apple's switch to an in-house Maps app on the iPhone.

The Windows Store offers two unofficial Google Maps apps, confusingly named G Maps and gMaps. Both apps support the standard Google Maps features, including directions for driving, public transit, walking, and cycling; location search; layers; and satellite maps. Each can also track your location via GPS if your tablet has a GPS chip.

Of the two, G Maps has much smoother transitions while zooming, though it does pester you with ads. Hey, the developer has to make his money before a real Google Maps app appears, right?

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