Vert.x app framework properties siezed by VMware

Project leader Tim Fox left VMware for Red Hat and was told to hand over administrative rights associated with the technology; the companies are discussing a solution to the impasse

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VMware and Red Hat, meanwhile, are in active discussion about how to best support the project going forward, said Mark Little, vice president of Red Hat/JBoss, and Alexis Richards, senior director at VMware, in a joint online response to Fox's predicament. "We've been discussing various options, including whether to move the project to an open source software foundation, and would very much like to hear the views of the community." Both companies believe Fox's status as project lead remains an essential component of the project's success, the officials said.

Fox left VMware last month and started at Red Hat last week as a senior principal software engineer. "In the spirit of open source and as a commitment to the Vert.x community I had expected (perhaps naively) that VMware would continue to let me administer the Vert.x project after I had left their employment."

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