Adobe will try to stymie some Flash attacks with new pop-up

Flash 11.6 to block automatic play of content in docs created with Office 2007 and older

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Adobe's Uhley did not promise that the new dialog would stop Flash exploits embedded in Office documents, but was instead simply crossing his fingers. "We've seen these types of user interface changes lead to shifts in attacker behavior in the past, and are hopeful this new capability will be successful in better protecting Flash Player users from attackers leveraging this particular attack vector as well," he said.

Utley did not provide a timetable for when the security pop-up feature would hit Flash Player, saying only that it would appear in the next "feature release" of the software, "which is currently in beta."

Flash Player 11.6 is the version now in beta testing.

Adobe will try to block some attacks exploiting Flash in Office documents with this click-before-play warning. The feature will debut in Flash Player 11.6, which is now in beta testing. (Image: Adobe.)

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