Hadoop is not just for Linux anymore

By Thor Olavsrud , CIO |  Big Data, Hadoop

"This is an enterprise-ready, 100% open source Apache Hadoop platform for the broader Windows environment," says Shaun Connolly, vice president of corporate strategy at Hortonworks. "We've been spending a lot of time integrating with Microsoft's SQL Server franchise and their business intelligence tools."

"When we first set out on this partnership about 18 months ago, our joint objective was to make Hadoop available to the broadest set of users possible," says Herain Oberoi, director of product marketin for Microsoft.

"There's been a lot of joint work that's been done since that point. The big thing about our approach is that we didn't want to make this a proprietary port," says Oberoi. "We're committed to putting our effort back into the community and the Apache Hadoop project."

Connects Hadoop to Microsoft BI Users

Microsoft and Hortonworks expanded their partnership in October of last year with the aim of connecting Hadoop with the largest population of business analysts around: users of Microsoft's business intelligence (BI) tools. The partners took a big step toward that goal on Monday with the beta release of Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform for Windows, an open source distribution that gives organizations the ability to run Hadoop-based solutions natively on Windows.

"Today's news builds on our long-term collaboration with Microsoft and is the next critical step in our strategy of broadening the reach of 100% open source Apache Hadoop across the enterprise by enabling millions of Windows users around the globe to benefit from this next-generation data platform," Connolly says.

"Hortonworks Data Platform for Windows extends the Hadoop ecosystem across the Windows operating system, providing organizations with an enterprise-grade, production-tested platform for Big Data deployments," Connolly says.

Cloud Perfect Platform Big Data Solution

Connolly notes that HDP will provide identical user experiences on both Linux and Windows. Moreover, it provides interoperability across both operating systems and enables portability of Hadoop applications between on-premise deployments with HDP for Windows and cloud deployments with HDInsight Service running on Windows Azure.

"Azure is an important piece," Connolly says. "The cloud becomes a perfect platform to build a Big Data solution on. What we expect to see is that customers will probably kick the tires and run proofs of concept on premise and then, as they think about deployment, they may choose to deploy in the cloud."

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