Get free boot repair software for Windows

Download free boot repair software for Windows computers

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Here's how you can download free boot repair software for Windows.

1. Go to the Boot-Repair site.

2. Click the green download button on the right side.

Here's a description of Boot-Repair:

"Simple tool to repair frequent boot problems.

- Repair the boot when an OS does not boot any more (eg. after installing Windows)
- Repair the boot when access to GRUB and any OS is lost (eg. "GRUB rescue" error)
- Allow to reinstall GRUB bootloader easily
- Allow to generate a generic MBR compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Seven/Windows8
- Allow to restore the original bootsector (MBR) if it has been saved by Clean-Ubiquity ( )

Boot-Repair can repair access to : Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Windows8, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, OpenSuse, and other systems compatible with GRUB and Syslinux.
Boot-Repair can be installed & used from any type of session (normal session, or live-CD, or live-USB) of Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and derivatives."

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