4 video editors: Pro results for ambitious amateurs

Video-editing software now offers features formerly only available to pros. We review four of the top packages (with video examples).

By Serdar Yegulalp, Computerworld |  Software

Other new pro-level feature tweaks include an easier-to-work-with color-correction plugin (you can also use Adobe SpeedGrade as a more high-end substitute), better handling of multi-camera footage (you're no longer limited to a maximum of four cameras) and pixel-level support for high-resolution screens like the MacBook Pro's Retina Display.

A big selling point for Premiere Pro has been its close integration with the rest of the products in the Creative Suite, especially in terms of workflow. Sequences created in Adobe After Effects, for instance, can be launched from Premiere Pro by simply double-clicking on the sequence in a project timeline or asset list. Changes made to any such object are automatically updated in the Premiere timeline. The same goes for almost every other kind of Adobe file type, such as Photoshop image files.

The single biggest change to both Premiere Pro and Adobe's entire Creative Suite isn't in the software, but the licensing. While you can still purchase the boxed products (Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 retails for $799 and the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection for $2,599), both the individual programs (including Premiere Pro) and the whole of Creative Suite can now be licensed on a month-to-month basis.

Premiere Pro alone can be rented for $29.99/month or $239.88/year. Creative Cloud, the newly rebranded, pay-as-you-go version of Creative Suite, offers every program in the suite (including Premiere) for $49.99/month if you agree to a one-year commitment, $74.99/month if you want to be able to cancel at any time. Thirty-day trials for individual apps and for the whole suite are also available.

Bottom line

Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is a top-of-the-line, professional-grade product that also commands a professional price. The new pay-as-you-go pricing, though, may open up the product to a new audience.

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Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 allows multiple timeline sequences within a project; there is a revised color-correction plugin; the software corrects shutter-roll problems.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6

$79.99; Ultimate edition, $99.99 OS: Windows XP and later

Corel's press material describes VideoStudio Pro X6 as being for "multimedia enthusiasts, action videographers, educators, and social media marketers." In other words, folks who use prosumer-level hardware and expect professional-looking results, but can't afford to waste time learning the arcana of a program like Adobe's Premiere Pro.

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