Use bookmarks to link within a Google Doc document

Link to a specific part of a Google Docs document

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Here's an easy way to link to a particular part of a document in Google Docs.

1. Put your cursor at the spot you want to link to in your Google Docs document.

2. Go to the Insert menu.

3. Click on Bookmark.

4. A bookmark ribbon will be put in your document.

5. Click on the bookmark ribbon.

6. Click on Link in the bookmark ribbon to copy the link.

You can then send your link to your recipient, and they'll be taken to that spot in your document.

This is much better than just linking to the document in its entirety and hoping that the reader will go to the part you want them to read. Nobody likes wading through gobs of text to find something, so using internal bookmarks in Google Docs can be a huge timesaver.

For more, see the original article at the link below.

How to point people to a particular spot in a Google Doc | CNet

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