Developer Arguments gives you yet another place to debate how to pronounce 'GIF'

A site guaranteed to get your geeky blood boiling, 'Developer Arguments' puts forward tech's greatest rivalries for you to debate.

By Chris Brandrick, TechHive |  Software

Is it "gif" or "jif"? Which really is better, Mac or PC? It seems that many debates in tech will never be truly settled, but that doesn't mean geeks the world over won't stop arguing over their chosen preferences any time soon.

Throwing fuel to the flames is Developer Arguments, a site dedicated to getting geeks riled about their nerd passions. It's simple enough--visit the site and you'll be presented with a topic to idly debate, be it whether Photoshop is superior to Gimp, if Android trumps iOS, or if Ruby aces Django when it comes to programming.

Once you've exhausted one argument, you can move on to another via an on-site link, which will generate a further point of contention for you and your friends to quarrel over...or cordially agree over if you're the like-minded kind. We're not ones to judge.

Over the past few days, creator Kevin D. Morgan added some tweaks and new things to the site for you to argue over. You can track the changes made on the sites GitHub repository.

Oh, and by the way, despite the creators insistence, it's totally GIF with a G.

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