6 Meeting Avatars and Apps That Will Simplify Your Day

By John Brandon, CIO |  Software

Modern technology has improved so quickly that most of us need an assistant to help keep track of it all. While there aren't robots who can fill in for you at meetings or scour up background information (not yet, at least), there are digital avatars that can do nearly as much. These apps can track your schedule, warn you about potential delays, pull up weather forecasts, read your email and even pop up flight information right when you need it.

Donna: Arrive to Your Meeting on Time-and Properly Dressed

The Donna app for the iPhone-named after Donna Moss, the affable assistant to President Jed Bartlet's Deputy Chief of Staff on the TV show The West Wing-is one of the best meeting assistants you'll find if you're mostly interested in being on time.

The app shows you how long it will take to get to a meeting; thanks to the phone's GPS capabilities, the app knows where you are and estimates the time based on the meeting location. A nice perk: The app also lets you know about the weather for your upcoming meeting, so you'll know if you can leave the overcoat at the office.

Price: Free.

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MeetingKing: Build an Agenda, Assign Tasks, Archive Notes

In the corporate world, scheduling a meeting is one thing, but tracking the agenda, assigning tasks and distributing the notes as a communication aid is another challenge altogether. MeetingKing lets you create meetings, or import them from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, and then distribute the agenda and minutes to those who attend. The app, which runs on the Web, also lets you archive the notes from all meetings and track tasks that came out of your meetings.

Price: Ranges from $9.95/month for Pro Individual account (one user) to $124.95/month for Pro Large (25 users); 30-day free trial (one user) available.

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Cue: Get Alerts Via Email

Cue syncs to your email and assists you with tasks throughout the day. For example, if you get a notice about a UPS shipment, the iOS app will pop up a reminder that it arrives today. Flight info is also shown automatically before you're scheduled to depart. If you book a lunch appointment with a colleague through OpenTable, you'll see the salient details.

Price: Free.

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