Install Duck Launcher dock in Ubuntu 14.04

Add the Duck Launcher dock to your Ubuntu 14.04 system

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Here's how you can install the Duck Launcher dock in Ubuntu 14.04. Duck Launcher resembles Unity and lets you access your favorite apps or all apps.

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following commands then hit Enter after each.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:the-duck/launcher
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install duck-launcher

According to Noobs Lab:

Duck Launcher is a Unity like dock and application launcher made for Linux. It is written using Python and Qt languages, it's goal is to increase productivity and be good looking. It allows user to access favorite apps easily on the dock, or all application can be accessed by clicking on the top icon of launcher. File System can be browsed easily with this dock without opening any file manager, this feature is still in development, so keep in mind that anytime problem can occur with this feature.

More at Noobs Lab

Image credit: Noobs Lab

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