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  • Coders must reprogram how they write for Wall Street

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 4:30 pm

    As high-performance computing (HPC) becomes more important in helping financial services companies deal with a rising tsunami of data, there's growing angst on Wall Street about a dearth of skilled programmers who can write for multicore chip architectures and parallel computing systems.
  • Meeting the new PCI wireless requirements

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 4:13 pm

    Beginning Sept. 30, Visa will require merchants and related businesses to conduct wireless security scans to prove compliance with version 1.2 of the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is designed to safeguard cardholder data from wireless threats.
  • BlackBerry for Business blog debuts

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 4:10 pm

    Research in Motion launched a BlackBerry for Business blog, bearing a post from its lead contributor simply named "Roger," who has been a RIM marketing employee since 2001.
  • No tethering for Windows Phone 7

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 3:15 pm

    Forthcoming Windows Phone 7 devices are expected to have most of the required features of today's smartphones -- an application store, a 5-megapixel or better camera, a touchscreen, gaming -- but there's one it won't have, and that's tethering.
  • Google ties Chrome app store with Checkout

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 12:15 pm

    Google has integrated its Chrome Web Store with its Checkout online payment system, as it gets ready to open the application marketplace to end users later this year.
  • Virtual machines need defragging too

    Posted September 24, 2010 - 12:15 pm

    An Osterman Research white paper argues for defragmenting virtual machines
  • Visual Basic developers get access to Windows Phone 7

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 10:04 pm

    Microsoft Visual Basic CTP for Windows Phone Developer Tools include templates and emulator support
  • Hackers exploit latest Microsoft zero-day bug

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 9:59 pm

    Microsoft is warning users that hackers are exploiting the unpatched bug in ASP.Net to hijack encrypted Web sessions.
  • ERP Sticker Shock: Maintenance, Upgrades, Customizations

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 9:53 pm

    Two new studies demonstrate why many companies are suffering from "buyer's remorse" after spending millions on traditional ERP rollouts.
  • JavaOne debate: Java EE vs. Spring

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 9:38 pm

    Panelists at the conference debate merits of the rival programming technologies -- and the merits of using them together
  • Oracle's new support czar has big challenges

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 4:15 pm

    Oracle has tapped longtime executive Charles Rozwat to head up oversight of its support organization, a job that now takes on added complexity due to the hardware products gained by the company's purchase of Sun Microsystems.
  • Nokia, AT&T offer $10 million to app developers

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 3:00 pm

    Nokia is partnering with AT&T to offer US$10 million in prizes to mobile application developers targeting North American users, in yet another attempt from the mobile giant to make an impact in the U.S.
  • Microsoft offers Web embeddable PowerPoint, Excel

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 2:30 pm

    Microsoft has added new features to its online companion services for Microsoft Office and Windows
  • Microsoft confirms it missed Stuxnet print spooler 'zero-day'

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 11:40 am

    Contrary to reports, a bug that Microsoft patched last week had been publicly discussed a year and a half ago, security researchers said this week.
  • Proceed With Caution to Oracle's Proprietary Linux Kernel

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 11:07 am

    After years of using Red Hat Enterprise Linux as the basis for its own "Unbreakable Linux" distribution, Oracle this week announced that it has created its own version of the Linux kernel that's optimized for use with its other enterprise offerings.
  • Uninstall the Internet Explorer 9 Beta

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 11:03 am

    I liked a lot of what I saw in the Internet Explorer 9 beta, to the point where I suspect I'll end up using it more often than I did Internet Explorer 8.
  • 8 essential privacy extensions for Firefox

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 10:32 am

    They say privacy doesn't exist on the Web -- but that doesn't mean you can't try to safeguard your personal information. Our computers are loaded with details about our personal and business lives, and it's definitely not acceptable to reveal them haphazardly. With hackers becoming ever more sophisticated, you have to take precautions.
  • Alternative to OpenSolaris released

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 10:31 am

    OpenIndiana has been introduced by a team of developers to fill the gap left following Oracle's decision to no longer support Open Solaris.
  • Will Twitter attack drive off IT interest?

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 9:18 am

    This week's hack of Twitter probably won't prompt large companies to quickly abandon the microblogging site, but analysts said that further attacks could lead IT executives to start looking at alternative social networks.
  • Zone Alarm and A tale of two marketing blunders

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 8:00 am

    There's no such thing as bad publicity? Are we sure about that?
  • Sony Ericsson delays Android update

    Posted September 23, 2010 - 7:00 am

    Sony Ericsson won't start updating its Android-based Xperia X10 smartphones until the end of October, according to a Thursday blog post.
  • Oracle links ADF development technology to Eclipse

    Posted September 22, 2010 - 9:46 pm

    The company will add ADF capabilities to its Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, which plugs into the Eclipse IDE
  • Hardware trumps Fusion Apps in Ellison's big speech

    Posted September 22, 2010 - 9:45 pm

    Those who attended Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's keynote address at the OpenWorld conference on Wednesday hoping to learn a wealth of new detail about the vendor's long delayed Fusion Applications likely left disappointed, but plenty of vital information was available throughout the week for those interested enough to pursue it.
  • Review

    Review: Norton Online Backup

    Posted September 22, 2010 - 3:36 pm

    Norton Online Backup ($50, 30-day free trial) is unique in the online backup universe in that you use it and configure it online. There is a local client to interface with your system, but basically the only thing you may do with it is invoke the online interface. This is a bit of a departure from the average service that uses local client software to select files and schedule backups.
  • SAP rolls out wave of 'rapid deployment' apps

    Posted September 22, 2010 - 2:15 pm

    SAP is unleashing a set of "Rapid Deployment" software applications that can be rolled out in as little as 12 weeks, the company announced Wednesday.
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