Sony hits greenhouse gas emission cuts target early

By , IDG News Service |  Green IT

"Standby power is a huge and growing share of electricity use because
those things are plugged in 24/7 but nobody when they buy a computer buys it
based on its efficiency in using standby power," said James Leape , director
general of WWF International, at a Tokyo news conference. "You're thinking
about a hundred other things when you buy your computer and so the market doesn't
work. And so standards are crucial and the industry can lead on that by defining
norms but its a place where government action can be quite important."

Many of the largest PC makers have joined together under the banner of the
Climate Savers
computing initiative
and have pledged to reduce power consumption of computers
by 50 percent by 2010. The companies plan to highlight some of their advances
and technologies at the Cebit exhibition that will take place in Germany in

Energy use by IT equipment is growing fast. The recently published report,
Inefficient Truth
," found about 10 percent of energy consumption in
the U.K. is by IT equipment -- equivalent to the output of four nuclear power

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