NetApp releases flurry of hardware, OS upgrades

Fabric-Attached Storage line can increase up to 2.9 petabytes of capacity

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The company has now also offering its first 2.5-in serial-attached SCSI (SAS) disk drive shelf - the DS2246 -- for its FAS arrays. The DS2246 uses the same basis architecture as the company's existing 3.5-in disk tray, the DS4243, which houses serial ATA (SATA) or SAS drives.

NetApp said the DS4243 the DS3243 can now also accommodate 3.5-in. solid state drives (SSD) for higher performance workloads, such as relational databases. The new disk trays can be used in any of the FAS-series of arrays, Badrinath said.

"That's the beauty of the NetApp architecture. It's not like when you're moving from one array to another you have to move to a whole new operating system and a new set of features," he said. "The main difference between our arrays is number of disks, the processing power and I/O."

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