LaCie CloudBox: Compact drive tightly integrates with cloud storage

Device offers undeniably simple combined NAS and offsite backup, but the 100GB local capacity is too limited, and it's a poky performer.

By Jon L. Jacobi, PC World |  Virtualization

The gigabit-capable CloudBox proved to be a very sluggish performer in my hands-on tests. It wrote a 15GB mix of small and large files across my gigabit network at 9.9 mbps, and improved only slightly to 12.5 mbps when reading them. That's slower than any comparable storage drive I've seen in years--and slower than many USB 2.0 direct-attached storage boxes. I tried the CloudBox on several different systems and routers and got essentially the same results in each instance.

The CloudBox is a great idea imperfectly realized. For users who have small data sets or are concerned only with their vital data, it's an appealingly simple--though slow and pricey--backup system. Before you buy, make sure that you're willing to pony up $130 bucks a year to maintain your online backup. Without the online component, all you have is an underpowered, low-capacity NAS box.

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