Review: Elgato's bus-powered Thunderbolt SSD

By Kean Bartleman, Macworld |  Storage, Elgato, SSD

While some might see this simplicity as an attractive quality, others might find that it limits the drive's accessibility. The lack of interfaces restricts integration with older Mac models, and because there's only one Thunderbolt port, it must be the last drive connected to a daisy chain if it's being used in that capacity.

There is also the issue of price. While SSDs have a more expensive price per gigabyte than regular hard drives, $700 for 240GB is rather high. External SSDs with FireWire 800 interfaces can be had for $350 to $400. Another consideration is the price of the cable. The Thunderbolt SSD doesn't come with one, so you'll have to pay $49 for Apple's white 2.0-meter Thunderbolt cable, or $60 for Elgato's black 0.5-meter Thunderbolt cable.

Macworld's buying advice

With the combination of speed and portability, the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD is a great, high performance drive. However, this drive is not cheap, and owners of older Macs won't be able to share the drive with their machines. But, for those that can afford the Thunderbolt SSD, it's fast transfer speeds and attractive, pocket-sized package would make it a great addition to your Thunderbolt-ready Mac product.

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