Crucial Adrenaline review: SSD cache drive speeds up your PC

If you want to improve your PC's performance for under $100, try installing this SSD drive.

By Bill O'Brien, Computerworld |  Storage, solid state drives, SSD

As scenarios change (a different Word document, a different battle level in Company of Heroes, or even a different application), you will notice variations in speed as the Adrenaline relearns what it needs to preload into cache. And while you may never see data rates improve "by up to 8 times" as Crucial suggests, I did see boot times decrease by as much as 40%, while application and game loading improved anywhere from 20% to 40% (or even as much as 60% in a few cases) over their noncached rates.

Bottom line

The Adrenaline drive doesn't work in a vacuum. Any gains you might see will depend upon the overall speed of your computer, the speed of your disk interface and the type of applications you run. However, even a 10% to 20% improvement, given the Adrenaline's low cost, is worth the price of admission. As a result, I give the Adrenaline an unabridged two thumbs up.

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