EMC unveils slew of product upgrades, new VMAX array

In all, the company announced 42 products or upgrades

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The Isilon hardware platform also got an improvement to its caching capability, offering a 50% reduction in average latency for I/O intensive apps. The file system also received a 25% boost in performance, and it can now deliver over 100GB/sec. of system throughput. It is capable of delivering up to 1.6 million SpecSFS2008 CIFS operations per second.

In addition, Isilon will provide a dramatically improved caching capability to reduce average latency by 50% for I/O intensive applications.

OneFS Mavericks also comes with additional integration with VMware. It now leverages VMware's vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI) and VMware vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) to accelerate and simplify Scale-Out NAS for virtualized server environments. "Mavericks" will also incorporate a new Platform API to provide third-party independent software vendors and enterprise IT with a more robust automation and control interface to OneFS.

EMC's ATMOS cloud storage software

Completing EMC's cloud storage direction is its Atmos pre-configured private cloud offering, which made up of products from six hardware and software vendors.

Atmos now scales to 100PB of capacity as single cloud system across distributed sites. A hardware refresh has given Atmos a 50% performance boost (for both reads and writes) for large objects and a 90% reduction in the time to upgrade the system -- with no service disruption, EMC said.

Atmos now has new segmentation and security features to provide the ability to separate management and data traffic for users and administrators.

A new Event Manager tool, also improves system visibility and provides enhanced alerting, providing near real-time visibility into overall system activity and performance, EMC said.

"We've seen a lot of interest in Atmos, particularly from service providers wanting to offer storage as a service as a competitor to an Amazon S3," Burton said. "The key use for Atmos ... is for [companies] who've got lots of data that needs to be globally distributed."

Data Domain and Avamar backup upgrades

EMC's Data Domain backup and deduplication appliance and its Avamar backup software also received some upgrades.

EMC introduced a new Data Domain appliance, the DD990, which sports an Intel Sandy Bridge processor. The high-end DD 990 appliance will now have twice the performance and capacity over its predecessor, the DD890, Burton said.

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