Hollywood's elite data centers must deliver star IT performances

By John Brandon, CIO |  Data Center, Amazon, Amazon EC2

To address these needs, Livestream uses the EMC Isilon scale-out NAS storage platform. This uses an intelligent management system to provide the speed and storage for particular IT projects on the fly. Martin Libich, senior technical consultant at EMC Isilon, says Livestream has unique needs. They site need to scale up and down very quickly--just 10 seconds of HD video is the equivalent of accessing and storing 500,000 pages of documentation, he says.

The filers that handle data serving can traditionally only handle about 100 TB of data before having to manage multiple volumes, which can slow performance. Livestream uses Isolon to solve this problem because massive data sets can take upwards of 15 PB each. That's enough to handle even the most intense live event, from a Justin Bieber concert to a presentation.

Tang says one of the main challenges in his industry is just making sure that an event can scale. This requires planning and understanding both the bandwidth requirements and the vendors involved. Rather than experience surprise when a content delivery network can't handle exorbitant traffic, Livestream will first determine and then monitor potential traffic upticks.

Nice Shoes: Moving Data Centers to Amazon's Cloud

Movie studios aren't necessarily the most technically advanced when it comes to IT infrastructure. Some are designed to deal only with directors, producers and actors, with the hardcore post-production work farmed out to special effects shops like Industrial Light and Magic.

For Nice Shoes, based in New York City, one of the greatest challenges face is making the data center as secure as possible. This is incredibly important when you are working on a music video for Lady Gaga or putting the finishing touches on a major feature film. At the same time, as with any creative effort, the company tends to collaborate with clients over the Web.

Nice Shoes uses the DDN S2A9900, a scalable storage appliance that can re-create massive data sets as needed using erasure-coding algorithms when the data is not available from primary disks. The company also uses the Amazon EC2 cloud storage service.

In the News: Amazon Web Services Simplifies Creation of Private Clouds

Robert Keske, the CIO of Nice Shoes, says using scaled storage is a must for creative work.

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