The top 5 issues with the top 5 cloud storage services

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"Further problems with privacy settings, as well as a situation in 2011 where accounts could be accessed without a password, have added to the small but not insignificant security concerns around the company and its product," FixYa said in its comments on the survey results.

FixYa users who rely on Dropbox for personal content, such as photos, music or entertainment, aren't discouraged by the security issues, FixYa noted.

"However, personal users utilizing Dropbox to store personal financial information or similar items that would pose a security risk should steer clear," FixYa said. "The same goes for mid-sized businesses looking for an easy way to share bank statements or proprietary business information."

Google Drive

When it came to Google Drive, missing folders topped the list of user complaints (30%). Problems with synchronizing files was noted by 20% of respondents.

Another 20% indicated they were unhappy with the automatic conversion from simply using Google Drive to having to adopt Google Docs, while 20% didn't like unknown errors that occurred while they were using the service. The remaining 10% cited "other" issues.

Google Drive was Google's next step in developing its Google Docs office suite and data storage service.

"Although security concerns are not as prominent amongst FixYa users compared to other cloud devices, Drive still experiences some general usability issues that need to be addressed," FixYa said. "For the most part, however, these issues can be solved quickly."


The lack of Quickbooks support topped the concerns users had with SugarSync (30%). Quickbooks is a business accounting software for businesses. Because SugarSync doesn't support Quickbooks, it is a tough sell for financial users, FixYa said.

Another 30% of respondents complained about SugarSync's storage space, or more specifically, storage space pricing. SugarSync does have a 30-day free trial available, as well as a 5GB free plan "buried at the bottom of their sign-up page." But overall, "pricing is higher than other cloud services (iCloud notwithstanding)," FixYa said.

After that, 15% said they experiences file syncing issues, another 15% chose iTune file problems as a concern and the remaining 15% chose "other."

"iTunes files are notoriously dodgy as SugarSync encounters issues with sharing between different devices," FixYa said.


Apple's iCloud storage service took a hit after users updated to OS X Mountain Lion, according to 35% of those surveyed by FixYa.

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