Microsoft who? Sinofsky adds another scene to his second act, signs up with Box

The former Windows chief will advise Box as the company sharpens its cloud storage and file share service, and broadens its scope

By , IDG News Service |  Storage

However, Microsoft is sticking with the foundation it laid with Windows 8, and isn't blowing up the project to head in a different direction, which some have suggested it should do, such as having an OS for tablets and a different one for desktops and laptops, like Apple does.

Sinofsky also oversaw the development of the Microsoft-branded Surface tablets, which have struggled to gain traction, in particular the model that runs Windows RT, the Windows 8 version for ARM-based devices.

Since leaving Microsoft, Sinofsky has kept busy. In addition to his work with Andreessen Horowitz and now with Box, Sinofsky is an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Harvard Business School.

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