Microsoft Exchange Journaling vs. Archiving

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Depending on your type of business many federal or state regulations may require your company to archive email messages for electronic discovery. As a smart proactive measure, more companies are voluntarily archiving email to protect themselves in case of a lawsuit. Lately, more are choosing to use Exchange Server journaling as an archiving method. The question becomes, ‘Is journaling the best business decision?. Or does implementation of a dedicated archiving solution provide a more secure data retrieval mechanism?’

Journaling and email archiving within Exchange Server are 2 distinct animals. Based on predetermined corporate policy selection criteria, archiving removes old messages from the Exchange Server. Then the archiving software places the messages in a secure permanent repository. Journaling places a copy of target email messages into a designated mailbox. This mailbox may usually remain on the same Exchange server as all the other staff email boxes. Read the rest of this article>>

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