• Cisco grapples with transition as routers and switches lag

    Posted February 17, 2011 - 6:41 pm

    Cisco is in the throes of a companywide transition away from the switches and routers that form the bedrock of its business toward new markets to fuel future growth -- and the shift is affecting Cisco's revenue.
  • Paranoia and Chinese High-tech Espionage

    Posted February 9, 2010 - 7:47 pm

    Is it paranoia when they really are out to get you?
  • Extreme, Force10 address growing 10G use in data centers

    Posted May 11, 2009 - 11:03 am

    Extreme Networks and Force10 this week are expected to unveil new modules for existing switches that bulk up performance and density for expanding data center operations.
  • Juniper bolsters branch router, switch lines

    Posted May 4, 2009 - 2:14 pm

    Juniper Networks this week will extend its branch office line with routers and switches designed to enable remote workers to securely access enterprise resources at lower cost.
  • Infiniband vendor catches Ethernet wave

    Posted May 4, 2009 - 2:11 pm

    Infiniband data center switch vendor Voltaire this week plans to unveil an Ethernet architecture for data centers that builds on the capabilities of its traditional large-scale Infiniband fabrics.
  • Expand A Small Network With an Ethernet Switch

    Posted May 2, 2009 - 8:24 pm

    Most home-office networks start with a PC, a router, and a modem. But when a small single-user network grows into a larger multiuser network, your original Wi-Fi router can run out of free ethernet ports to connect various PCs, networkable printers, small-business servers, and other essential hardware. That's when a switch comes in handy.
  • Juniper switch enables mega-router creation

    Posted February 2, 2009 - 5:13 pm

    Juniper this week is unveiling a matrix switch for interconnecting core routers into a higher density, more scalable system.
  • Visiting Adtran Support

    Posted November 20, 2008 - 12:35 pm

    I spent the last two days in Huntsville Alabama on a press tour of Adtran. Huntsville is nice, and the Adtran people are even nicer. The press tour was a good idea, because they're a good company with too low a profile.
  • Review

    Nexus 7000 aims for data center dominance

    Posted September 2, 2008 - 3:45 pm

    Building a big data center and looking for a switch to match? How do 256 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and nearly 1.7 terabits of capacity sound? That's what Cisco is offering with its brand new Nexus 7000 Series data center switches.

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