REBOL rolls forward

By Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz, Unix Insider |  Development

The REBOL executive team sees great opportunities in working with large companies to implement highly refined, efficient applications that automate relations between those companies and their best customers or brokers.

The leisure-cruise industry is a favorite example of REBOL's director of marketing, Dan Stevens. Cruise operators exchange information with thousands of travel agents through a nearly overwhelming combination of faxes, emails, and surface mail. The REBOL language's facility with messaging and networking should help automate and improve such operations.

Information publication and synchronization has a wealth of other applications. REBOL Technologies is positioning itself as a better balance between the Web's limited demand/response algorithmic model and the swamp of poorly standardized, outdated client/server customizations. The exploding application service provider (ASP) industry is a good fit for REBOL's strengths: communications, distribution, and rapid time to market.

Therefore, REBOL Technologies is turning most of its attention to the development of authoring and interface dialects. It will use them to develop prototype applications over the next several months. Those prototypes should demonstrate REBOL's power in customer relation management and related business processes. By early next year, REBOL Technologies aims to win several top-tier, marketing-oriented companies as clients for its relation solutions built with REBOL.

While there are no guarantees about the business outcome, the REBOL language remains an interesting and rewarding technology for Regular Expressions readers. Its Website includes straightforward tutorials and script libraries that explain REBOL's advantages.

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