data warehouse

  • Stock service's data warehouse now delivers in seconds, not hours

    Posted September 10, 2009 - 1:53 pm

    A switch to a new database and software has enabled Pink OTC to generate reports on stock quotes and trades executed as recent as 5 seconds ago.
  • Developing Clinical Dashboards

    Posted May 18, 2009 - 5:16 pm

    These eight steps helped the University of Pennsylvania Health System successfully complete six projects.
  • Erlanger, Ky., police mash together search, BI and mapping

    Posted September 2, 2008 - 4:59 pm

    By combining BI and two foundations of Web 2.0 -- search and mapping -- a police department in Kentucky has built a brand-new window into crime. This Web-based BI portal allows patrol officers to enter data -- or even pieces of data such as a few numbers from a license plate -- into a simple search interface and retrieve information from their own databases and those of neighboring towns.
  • Harris Corp. engineers search for parts info in Google-like format

    Posted September 2, 2008 - 4:56 pm

    By the time Leon Shivamber was hired in 2004 by Harris Corp. as vice president of supply chain and operations, the company had already shifted out of its semiconductor and printing businesses and was focused squarely on building communications systems for governmental and commercial customers. But the company still had a very divisional structure for its four businesses.

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