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  • Linux commands: Newusers adds new users ... fast and furious!

    Posted May 14, 2013 - 11:39 am

    Whether you're setting up accounts for existing users on a new server or providing accounts for a crop of new staff members on your primary server, it's nice to be able to do the job quickly and accurately. The newusers command in Linux is designed to make this process as smooth as possible, but it may not do everything you expect -- especially if your data file is, uh, sloppy. Let's take a look at what it does and where it might fall short of expectations.
  • Unix and long usernames

    Posted July 30, 2008 - 7:20 pm

    Working around problems caused by usernames with more than eight characters is generally easy, but isn't it time we stop having to abide by limitations created 40 years ago?

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