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  • US gov't implements acquisition blueprint

    Posted November 5, 2002 - 5:45 pm

    As it undertakes the massive task of hammering together the proposed Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. government has become wary of vendors who look to sell their products multiple times to various agencies.
  • Court denies AOL's attempt to protect user identity

    Posted November 5, 2002 - 1:52 pm

    The Virginia Supreme Court has ruled against America Online Inc. in its latest effort to protect the anonymity of one of its subscribers, in a case that could shape how free speech is perceived online.
  • MS/DOJ: Ruling may give private suits ammunition

    Posted November 5, 2002 - 10:19 am

    Microsoft Corp. and attorneys for competitors and consumers suing the software giant on Monday gave differing interpretations of a ruling in a group of private antitrust cases brought against the company.
  • WorldCom in settlement talks with SEC

    Posted November 5, 2002 - 9:59 am

    WorldCom Inc. is in talks with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to settle its fraud case against the company. A deal could be announced within a week or two, The New York Times reported in its online edition on Tuesday.
  • MS/DOJ: State AGs praise ruling, defer appeal decision

    Posted November 4, 2002 - 10:27 am

    The attorneys general of five states that had not signed off on terms of the federal government's antitrust settlement with Microsoft Corp. were sanguine about Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's remedy ruling Friday, but did not rule out the possibility of appeal.
  • Vivendi under criminal investigation in the US

    Posted November 4, 2002 - 10:21 am

    Vivendi Universal SA is under criminal investigation in the U.S. on top of an inquiry by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the French conglomerate said Monday.
  • MS/DOJ: Judge accepts most of settlement agreement

    Posted November 4, 2002 - 10:16 am

    U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly Friday approved most of the provisions of a settlement deal between Microsoft Corp. and the U.S. Department of Justice and nine states that sued the software maker in a landmark antitrust lawsuit. In doing so, she brushed aside harsher remedies proposed by nine states that had refused to sign on to the agreement.
  • EU unlikely to follow US ruling on Microsoft

    Posted November 4, 2002 - 10:05 am

    Microsoft Corp. is likely to be disappointed in its hopes that the U.S. ruling will set the tone for a similar ruling from European antitrust regulators, according to the software giant's critics.
  • Report: SEC probe of Lucent broader than disclosed

    Posted November 1, 2002 - 3:15 pm

    A U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's investigation of accounting practices at telecommunication equipment company Lucent Technologies Inc. is more extensive than initially disclosed, covering bookkeeping maneuvers occurring several years earlier than the improper transactions already acknowledged by Lucent, according to a Friday report in the Wall Street Journal.
  • MS/DOJ: Case has tumultuous history, related fallout

    Posted November 1, 2002 - 11:14 am

    The legal trail leading up to U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly's decision expected Friday in the federal government's antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. has been more than a decade in the making. Along the way, a variety of related inquiries, complaints, lawsuits and appeals have created courtroom drama, roiled the IT industry, and spurred consumer action.
  • Microsoft remedy opinion due Friday

    Posted November 1, 2002 - 10:02 am

    The judge mulling over a remedy to impose on Microsoft Corp. in its long-running antitrust case will release her opinion Friday, nearly one year after Microsoft agreed to a proposed settlement.
  • UPDATE: Lucent may face SEC charges

    Posted October 31, 2002 - 11:04 am

    Struggling telecommunications equipment company Lucent Technologies Inc. may soon be charged by the SEC in a civil lawsuit that alleges the company used improper accounting techniques to inflate its sales.
  • Ericsson faces $61m cell phone patent violation fine

    Posted October 31, 2002 - 9:46 am

    A Texas jury awarded communications equipment company, Harris Corp. about $61 million in compensatory damages in a patent infringement case it brought against Ericsson Inc., the U.S. unit of Telefonaktiebolaget L.M. Ericsson, according to a statement from Harris.
  • Study: Consumers shun copy-protected CDs

    Posted October 25, 2002 - 11:38 am

    Music companies thinking of distributing copy-protected CDs to protect their content from piracy will likely raise the ire of consumers while lowering their revenue, a new study warns.
  • EU preliminary ruling on Microsoft expected

    Posted October 25, 2002 - 10:47 am

    The antitrust investigation into Microsoft Corp. is ongoing, but a preliminary ruling should be made before the end of the year, a top European Commission official said on Friday.
  • Microsoft foes say it violates settlement terms

    Posted October 24, 2002 - 5:21 pm

    A trade group made up of Microsoft Corp. competitors has again sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice claiming that the software maker is not living up to its end of a proposed settlement deal in its long-running antitrust bout.
  • HIPAA a hardship for health care companies

    Posted October 22, 2002 - 9:08 am

    A difficult economic climate may make it harder for health care providers to comply with provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in time for deadlines next year, according to a report by the consulting company Frost & Sullivan Inc.
  • Visa troubles delay ElcomSoft trial

    Posted October 18, 2002 - 3:32 pm

    The trial of the U.S. government's case against Russian software company ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. has been delayed until December because the lead defendant and key witness in the case have been denied visas to travel to the U.S.
  • Criminal inquiry into Microsoft beta-site hack under way

    Posted October 17, 2002 - 1:38 pm

    A criminal investigation is under way into a break-in that took place last week on a Microsoft Corp. Web site for beta testers, Microsoft said Thursday.
  • Cable and Wireless asks court to halt Akamai sales

    Posted October 10, 2002 - 4:35 pm

    Cable and Wireless PLC, a major provider of Web services to businesses, asked a U.S. District Court on Wednesday to forbid Akamai Technologies Inc. from selling a product that incorporates technology on which the London data communication company claims to have a patent.
  • Supreme Court hears NextWave case

    Posted October 8, 2002 - 3:13 pm

    The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in a case involving spectrum ownership that has implications for future sales and treatment of the valuable licenses that telecommunications companies need to offer new wireless services.
  • Amazon comes under further fire over privacy policy

    Posted October 8, 2002 - 3:04 pm

    Despite a recent agreement by Inc. to bolster its privacy policy amid concerns that it did not go far enough to protect consumers' personal information, privacy groups urged state authorities to further rein in Amazon's data collection habits Tuesday, calling the online retailer untrustworthy.
  • AOLTW enforces patents with Liberty single sign-on

    Posted October 4, 2002 - 1:58 pm

    The single sign-on authentication technology under development by the Liberty Alliance Project could be bound by intellectual property restraints, despite a pledge from project founders who have said the technology will be open and royalty free.
  • IT companies show support for latest DRM bill

    Posted October 4, 2002 - 9:49 am

    Intel Corp., Gateway Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. joined a host of companies and organizations representing the IT industry, consumers and libraries that expressed support Thursday for the latest digital rights management bill introduced in the U.S. Congress.
  • DRM bill proposed in US House

    Posted October 2, 2002 - 1:43 pm

    A bill introduced Wednesday in the U.S. House of Representatives approaches digital rights management from the consumer's standpoint by ensuring that people who buy digital media can make backup copies and play them on whatever device they like without fear of breaking copyright law, according to the bill's sponsor.
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