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  • On Linux and random numbers

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 5:40 pm

    Look, I hate to bring this up, but there's something we need to discuss: Why haven't I heard from you recently? (No, not you, you've been in touch. It's this guy over here … ) Really, is it too much to ask that you put pen to paper … oh, all right, fingers to keyboard … and tell me what's on your mind?
  • Windows 7: Where Consumers Lead, Enterprises Will Follow?

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 5:40 pm

    At the Windows 7 launch event, Microsoft corporate VP of Windows Tami Reller chatted with about how Windows 7 came to life differently than Vista, those pesky XP corporate holdouts, and more. Here's our Q&A.
  • Windows 7: A Day 7 Scorecard

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 5:23 pm

    It's been almost a week since Windows 7's official launch, and a ton of information and opinion is out there surrounding Microsoft's latest operating system. On the one hand, you have positive reports of Windows 7 helping extend battery life, installed on new PCs with less crapware, and offering a more intuitive interface. But users are also complaining about annoying issues like delayed driver support for peripheral hardware and upgrade bugs.
  • DOD open-sources more than 1M lines of code

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 5:21 pm

    The U.S Department of Defense is not only encouraging use of open source applications, it recently open-sourced an enterprise human resources application that has over a million lines of code.
  • Many open-sourcers back an Oracle takeover of MySQL

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 4:40 pm

    Surprisingly, many members of the open source community are not opposing the shift in MySQL ownership that would come with the close of Oracle's $7.4 billion deal to acquire current owner Sun Microsystems Inc., contending that it would not wound the open source database.
  • How Analyzing ERP Data Helped a Retailer With Suppliers

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 3:10 pm

    "Buy low, sell high" may work in the stock markets, but it's a simplistic notion for purchasing inventory for retail stores. Slumberland, a private bedding and furniture chain based in Little Canada, Minn., recently changed its roster of suppliers based on surprising revelations from its supply chain data. The company wanted to understand which furniture suppliers were most profitable to it, backed by facts, not only perceptions. So last year, it started an ERP business intelligence project.
  • 5 Tips for Using Predictive Analytics Software

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 3:10 pm

    It can create new business. The Navy Federal Credit Union has applied predictive analytics technology from SPSS to the design of new products.Analyzing how ATM withdrawals spiked just before and after a deployment led to the introduction of a checking account with ATM fee rebates for members on active duty. CIO Jerry Hermes says that other business units have since invited the analytics unit into their planning process.
  • What Star Wars Teaches Us About Career Management

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 1:40 pm

    Hungry beasts. Murderous bosses. Evil distractions. Master Yoda himself might have a tough time being an IT leader circa 2009, so take these Jedi lessons on career management to heart.
  • Improved user interface key issue for Symbian

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 12:40 pm

    Unlike the iPhone and products based on Google's Android OS, Symbian's user interface hasn't been developed for smartphones with touchscreens. But that is about to change, said Lee Williams, executive director at the Symbian Foundation, who along with his colleagues gathered at the Symbian Exchange & Exposition on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Avoiding Password Hell

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 12:11 pm

    Some people seem to think that long, complicated passwords that change frequently are great for security. They couldn't be more wrong.
  • Information Management, BPM and Integration: Achieving Cost Efficiency in the Financial Sector

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 12:01 pm

    Data housed in customer relationship management (CRM) software, accounting, human resources, and other applications has limited value if it’s not reused efficiently everywhere it’s needed.
  • Manager’s Checklist: Get the Support You Need to Succeed with ECM

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 11:54 am

    An enterprise content management (ECM) implementation is more than just a solution to inefficiency, a way to address unique business challenges, or a chance to get ahead of the competition. It’s also a relationship between you and your vendor’s support team.
  • Lenovo: Our Windows 7 Laptops are Faster

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 11:15 am

    Hope you didn't put away those Windows 7 party hats because, apparently, Lenovo waited a couple days longer to share its news: It has crafted "Enhanced Experience" PCs that are faster and Windows-ier than competitors.
  • H1N1 flu national emergency should spur businesses to action

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 11:04 am

    President Obama's declaration of a national H1N1 flu emergency should send up a red flag to businesses that are still unprepared for a pandemic.
  • CRM Tips: Don't Let Leads Die Prematurely

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 11:01 am

    Even if you're not a Monty Python fan, "Bring out your dead" from The Holy Grail movie is a sick but funny sequence. That vignette is surprisingly relevant to how you handle leads in your CRM system.
  • eBay-toting iPhone users like to Buy It Now

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 10:57 am

    eBay, the Internet's garage sale or auction house, depending on your point of view, is reaping the benefits of having a free iPhone app. According to a Financial Times report, users of eBay's iPhone app have spent over $400 million over a variety of items from the service.
  • Microsoft extends Windows 7 and Azure to open source developers

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 10:48 am

    Microsoft will unveil on Wednesday several open source initiatives to boost interoperability between Microsoft technologies, such as Windows 7, Windows Azure, and Silverlight, and open source technologies, including the Eclipse tools platform and Java.
  • With eye on Oracle and MySQL, Red Hat invests in EnterpriseDB

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 10:44 am

    Red Hat Inc. has invested an unspecified amount in open-source database vendor EnterpriseDB Inc., a sign the Linux vendor may be worried about Oracle Corp.'s takeover of MySQL through its pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • DoD: open source as good as proprietary software

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 10:43 am

    The Department of Defense issues a memo outlining guidance for using open source software and for contributing code back to the community.
  • Top Five Considerations When Retiring Legacy Applications

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 9:58 am

    As organizations modernize to meet computing demands, they face enormous challenges when it comes the topic of retiring old applications.
  • Review

    Fresh Windows install? Get back to work quickly with Ninite

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 8:13 am

    Ninite is a service that automates the installation of free Windows applications. I put it through its paces during four Windows 7 upgrades.
  • SAP earnings rise as revenue continues to slip

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 8:10 am

    SAP's revenue fell in the third quarter, but earnings rose -- although neither figure was as high as analysts had hoped. The company said it expected the decline in software and software-related service revenue to continue.
  • Choosing an anti-virus program for Windows 7

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 8:08 am

    If you're moving from XP to Windows 7, you'll have to get and install a new one. In theory, you can move from Vista to Windows 7 without installing a new program. Don't! Anti-virus software tends to be cranky about change at the best of times so plan on installing a new anti-viral program right after you finish upgrading.
  • Jive brings workgroup collaboration to Microsoft Office

    Posted October 28, 2009 - 12:40 am

    Jive has given its enterprise social-networking software what it calls its biggest overhaul yet, giving users the ability to collaborate on Microsoft Office files and to use the product from mobile devices, including an application built specifically for the iPhone.
  • Two more Snow Leopard Expose tips

    Posted October 27, 2009 - 9:15 pm

    Exposé in Snow Leopard has gained a lot of new features. We've already discussed using Dock Exposé to switch between app windows in different Spaces, selecting Exposé windows by name, and using Quick Look and the Command-Tab switcher in Exposé mode. Here are two more Snow Leopard features to add to your memory banks.

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