That Facebook app is not your friend

You think Facebook's privacy protections are lacking? A bigger problem is Facebook apps.


Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities also requires apps to "have a privacy policy or otherwise make it clear to users what user data you are going to use and how you will use, display, or share that data." But they don't appear to police this at all. Lover of the Day's policy reads like it was written a 12-year-old non-native speaker of English. Here it is, in toto:

LOTD privacy policy

FYI, Lover of the Day has been installed by more than 700,000 Facebook users.

Fortunately, I watched the whole incident unfold from the beginning and was able to calm Mary down while convincing John to get rid of that application pronto, before he ended up getting suspended from school. (The middle schools where I live are totally freaked out about how to deal with Facebook and bullying; a three-day suspension is standard for even a minor social network offense.)

The lesson here: If you must use Facebook apps (and personally, I have no use for 99.999% of them) check your privacy settings and the app's own privacy policy first. I'll bet you don't like what you find.

When not being utterly appalled by Facebook apps, Dan Tynan writes about too many things for too many people, including his geek humor site, eSarcasm. Follow him on Twitter: @tynan_on_tech.


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