Out with the old: Tech that died in 2010

Many new technologies succeeded in 2010, some...not so much.

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Cuil: yeah, not so much.

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Cuil, a new search engine (new = 2008) developed by two former Google employees, unceremoniously died in September of 2010. Why didn't this engine take a legitimate shot at knocking Google off it's throne? Could it have been it's "clever" name? Maybe, but I don't remember typing in "Googol" to search the web. More likely, it was the fact that the results returned weren't always accurate and slow to display. Be that as it may, I still prefer Alta Vista. Oh wait. That's going away, too?

MySpace. Dead?

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As a musician, the appeal of MySpace was strong and very obvious. Here was a place I could set up a website for my band, upload music to be listened to, become friendly with other musicians and hopefully score some gigs out of the deal. I can tell you that 2007 was a terrific year for my band and MySpace played a significant role. So what happened? In a word, Facebook. After Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace for around $500 million, the need to have the site generate income became dominant over the social networking aspect. Cluttered with ads, Flash pages galore and a general dilution of it's membership, the emergence of Facebook was very welcome to those seeking a more social tool. MySpace is still trying to reinvent itself, but I'm guessing that Fox Broadcasting is bummed out about it's half billion dollar deal these days.

Ivy Bean, world's oldest Twitter user

Ivy Bean, from Bradford, England, passed away in July of this year. Mrs. Bean had the distinction of being the oldest known Twitter user at 104(!). Mrs. Bean should serve as an excellent example of how social networking (and more broadly, computer usage) is not merely appealing to the young of age. You need just to be young at heart and not fear advances in technology. Evidently, Mrs. Bean loved to tweet and had a wonderful time on Facebook as well. The next time you type a message to a friend on FB, or tweet your thoughts, give a shout out to Mrs. Bean and her wonderful, adventurous spirit. Incidentally, at 42, I believe I am now the oldest Twitter user. Thank you and have a great 2011.

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