Thanksgiving - What technologies are you thankful for?

By Dan Berthiaume, ITworld |  Tech & society, gadgets, Tech & society

Robert Youngjohns, President, North America Sales & Marketing and Corporate VP, Microsoft: "I'm very interested in retro technologies. I suspect the last time any of us understood how anything worked was a very long time ago. With technologies like mechanical watches and steam engines, you can get your mind around how they work. If you pick up a cell phone or Xbox, you know how to use it, but that's different than knowing how it works. For example, I have a collection of tube amplifiers. They take a signal generated from a piece of vinyl and amplify it; I understand how they work end-to-end. Right now I'm taking the most current technology I have at home, which is a music server that digitizes all my music, and streaming it into the tube amplifiers. The output from these retro pieces of technology is every bit as good as what you might expect from the modern stuff."

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